Philippa Gregory Biography


Philippa Gregory was born in Kenya, Africa in 1954. Later she moved to England, where she attended school. She earned a bachelor's degree at the University of Sussex, majoring in history. Before furthering her studies, Gregory worked as a journalist at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). She returned to her studies a couple of years later, enrolling at the University of Edinburgh, where she majored in eighteenth-century literature. While completing her doctoral studies, Gregory wrote her first novel, Wideacre (1987), which enjoyed international success. Since then, Gregory has taught on the university level and has written twenty adult novels and six children's stories. She is also a frequent contributor to newspapers and magazines of essays, book reviews, and short stories.

Many of Gregory's novels have been adapted for screen and television. Gregory has also received awards for her writing, including the Parker Romantic Novel of the year for The Other Boleyn Girl, published in 2002. Following the same Tudor time frame of The Other Boleyn Girl, Gregory has since written The Queen's Fool (2003), The Virgin's Lover (2004), The Constant Princess (2005), The Boleyn Inheritance (2006), and The Other Queen (2008).

Respected for her knowledge of the Tudor period of British history as well as her background study of eighteenth-century British literature, Gregory is often called on as a consultant for local British television broadcasts.

Gregory lives on a farm in the United Kingdom with her husband and two children.