Philip Melanchthon Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

De artibus liberalis [On the Liberal Arts] (nonfiction) 1517

De corrigendis adulesecentiae studiis [On Correcting the Studies of Youth] (nonfiction) 1518

Integra graeca grammatica institutiones (nonfiction) 1518

De rhetorica libri tres [Three Books on Rhetoric] (nonfiction) 1519

Institutiones rhetoricae [The Art and Craft of Rhetoric] (essay) 1521

Loci Communes rerum theologicarum seu Hypotyposes theologicae [The Common Places of Theology] (treatise) 1521

Epitome Renovatae ecclesiasticae doctrinae ad illustrissimum Principium Hessorum (treatise) 1524

Unterricht der Visitatoren [Instructions for the Church Visitors] (nonfiction) 1527

Adversus anabaptistas iudicium (treatise) 1528

Apologia Confessionis [The Apology that is to say the Defense of the Confession] (treatise) 1531

Confessio fidei exhibita invictissimo Imperatori Carolo V. [The Confession of the Faith Exhibited to Emperor Charles V; also known as Augsburg Confession] (nonfiction) 1531

Elementorum rhetorices libri duo (essays) 1531

Commentarii in Epistolam Pauli ad Romanos [Commentaries on the Pauline Epistles and Romans] (theology) 1532

Grammatica latina (nonfiction) 1532

Philosophiae moralis epitome [Summary of Moral Philosophy] (treatise) 1538

De ecclesia et de autoritate verbi Dei [On the True Authority of the Church] (treatise) 1539

Defensio coniguii sacerdotum pia [The epistle of the famous and great clerk Philip Melanchthon made unto our late sovereign lord King Henry the eight, for the revoking and abolishing of the six articles set forth and enacted by the crafty means and procurement of certain of our prelates of the clergy] (treatise) 1540

Erotemata Dialectices (nonfiction) 1547

Historia de vita et actis reverendiss. viri d. Martini Lutheri [The History of the Life and Acts of Martin Luther] (biography) 1548

Initia doctrinae physicae [Introduction to Physics] (nonfiction) 1549

Liber de anima [On the Soul] (treatise) 1553