Philip Larkin World Literature Analysis - Essay

Philip Larkin World Literature Analysis

(Masterpieces of World Literature, Critical Edition)

The list of contemporary literary luminaries responding in the media to Larkin’s Collected Poems helps suggest the stature as a modern English poet that Larkin achieved during his lifetime. Seamus Heaney, Stephen Spender, Howard Nemerov, Ian Hamilton, and Derek Walcott figure among Larkin’s many admiring reviewers. Some discussion focuses on whether the canon of Larkin’s poems should exceed what the poet himself chose to include in the four slim volumes he published—the 115 poems collectively constituting The North Ship, The Less Deceived, The Whitsun Weddings, and High Windows. Even the thirty poems of his first volume are marginal, since Larkin allowed that book’s reprinting in 1966 “with...

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