Philip K. Dick

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Can you provide a summary and review of Philip K. Dick's "Impostor"?

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The following is a summary of the movie plot. The book story may differ.

Shortly after interstellar travel was developed, and contact made with Alpha Centauri, war broke out between Earth and Centauri. 

Spencer Oldham went to bed a loving husband, and a renowned scientist.  He woke up, "Public Enemy #1." 

The authorities believe that he is a U-bomb, the Centaurians newest weapon.  "It's a genetic cyborg with a bomb in its ribcage."  It is identical to Spencer Oldham in every other way.  Spencer spends the rest of the story/movie trying to prove that he really is Spencer Oldham. 

Reviewing requires an introduction of the principle elements of the book or film including:

  • (1) it's genre and how it fits in with the genre or with the author/directors body of work.
  • (2) a short summary of the storyline to help others decide iif it is of interest to them.
  • (3) analysis and critique of actors and director and, possibly, technical aspects / literary elements and techniques and author style.
  • (4) appropriateness for various audiences.
  • (5) your opinion about the movie/book.

Review sample portion

You might have something like this as the end of your review:

I've never really liked stories like this, so I don't have a very positive view of this.  The movie's cinematography was decent and the story was intriguing, until it turned out that Spencer Oldham was a genetic Cyborg with a bomb in its ribcage.  Overall a marginal production.  All information is taken from one viewing of the movie. 

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