(Critical Survey of Literature for Students)

Birx, H. James. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s Philosophy of Evolution. Springfield, Ill.: Charles C Thomas, 1972. Provides a philosophical perspective of Teilhard de Chardin’s attempt to synthesize science and religion. Discusses his emphasis on evolutionary theory addressed primarily in The Phenomenon of Man.

Faricy, Robert L. Teilhard de Chardin’s Theology of the Christian in the World. New York: Sheed and Ward, 1967. Synthesizes the central theme in Teilhard de Chardin’s writings—the relationship between human endeavor and Christian revelation. Describes his attempt to address evolution, anxiety, death, and the finite nature of humanity, while dealing with supernatural revelation, the Second Coming, and other topics.

Grau, Joseph A. Morality and the Human Future in the Thought of Teilhard de Chardin. Cranbury, N.J.: Associated University Presses, 1976. Discusses ethical considerations in the philosophy of Christian humanism presented in The Phenomenon of Man and other works, including thoughts on love, education, politics, and freedom.

Grumett, David. Teilhard de Chardin: Theology, Humanity, and Cosmos. Dudley, Mass.: Peeters, 2005. A reexamination of Teilhard de Chardin’s theology, focusing on his roots as a French Catholic theologian. Describes how he develops his theology by using biblical and other religious motifs to analyze his experiences of war, exile, and scientific endeavor.

Lubac, Henri de. Teilhard de Chardin: The Man and His Meaning. Translated by René Hague. New York: Hawthorn Books, 1966. A theological perspective on Teilhard de Chardin’s writings interspersed with his personal letters and notes. Divided into two periods: his spiritual development and his defense of Christianity.

Medawar, Peter. “The Phenomenon of Man.” In The Strange Case of the Spotted Mice, and Other Classic Essays on Science. New York: Oxford University Press, 1996. Medawar, a Noble Prize-winning immunologist, maintains The Phenomenon of Man is “nonsense” and is “tricked out with a variety of metaphysical conceits” that demonstrate how Teilhard de Chardin deceives both himself and his readers.

Meynard, Thierry, ed. Teilhard and the Future of Humanity. New York: Fordham University Press, 2006. Scholarly essays examine the relevance of Teilhard de Chardin’s philosophy in the modern globalized world. Includes discussions of the idea of God and the person, spiritual resources for the future, politics, and economics.