In Pharaoh's Army Quotes
by Tobias Wolff

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In Pharaoh’s Army is a memoir by Tobias Wolff, his second. There are a number of quotes from the story that you can use in your paper to help organize your thoughts. One example is where it says,

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Lose faith. Pray anyway. Persist. We are made to persist, to complete the whole tour. That’s how we find out who we are.

This quote speaks to Wolff’s experience in the war in Vietnam, where he began to lose faith in the reason for fighting. You can use quotes like these to write about your own take on how Wolff finds his way in and out of believing in the army’s purpose in stopping communism in Vietnam during the war. The fact that there was a draft at the time—meaning Wolff's service was mandatory—is definitely relevant to understanding Wolff’s experience.

Wolff also wrote about the act of writing itself. He has one passage that reads,

It toughens you and clears your head. I could feel it happening. I was saving my life with every word I wrote, and I knew it.

It’s an interesting idea—that writing can have that kind of profound positive psychological effect on people, especially those in difficult situations. Whether this was only the case for Wolff himself or could be applied to soldiers in general is also something you could use the quote to explore.