Chapter 15 Summary

This Way to Infinity

Seven of the strongest miners bring a huge, bubbling cauldron into the cave, and soon a tantalizing aroma fills the space. The travelers watch hungrily as each miner fills his bowl from the steaming pot. The Mathemagician gives each of the travelers a heaping bowlful, and all three of them eat every bit of what they had been given. The Mathemagician fills their bowls again and again and again, and Milo wonders why he grows hungrier with every portion he eats.

Milo eats nine servings, Tock eats eleven, and the Humbug eats twenty-three without ever looking up from his bowl. The Mathemagician blows his whistle and the pot is removed from the cave and the miners return to...

(The entire section is 663 words.)