Chapter 11 Summary

Dischord and Dynne

At exactly 5:22 (Tock’s clock is very accurate), Milo sees the sky is still black, dark blue, and purple, though the sun will rise in just a moment. The others are still asleep. Milo must wake Chroma. Suddenly Milo wonders what it would be like to conduct the orchestra and color the world. He thinks it cannot be too difficult because the musicians undoubtedly know what to play, and it would be a shame to wake Chroma so early. Besides, this might be his only opportunity to try such a thing. The musicians are already poised to play, and he would only direct them for a short time.

Milo stands on tiptoe and makes the tiniest gesture to the orchestra at 5:23. A single piccolo...

(The entire section is 802 words.)