Peter Townshend Dave Marsh - Essay

Dave Marsh

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

[Who Came First is a valid attempt,] but anyone who tells you [it] succeeds in anything like the way it could—or should—is buffaloing himself.

I am inclined to believe that Meher Baba is probably the best spiritual master Pete could have, if he has to have one. Baba books and such have always seemed trite to me, without a whole lot to add to the body of cosmic aphorisms, but since he spent most of his life in silence, one doesn't expect much. Whatever Townshend finds in Baba, he generally tempers it well, without the humorless posturing John McLaughlin, for one, has lost me with.

But, liking Baba and Townshend and the Who as much as I really do, I still don't like much...

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