Peter Simple Characters
by Frederick Marryat

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Peter Simple

Peter Simple, the younger son of the younger son of a viscount, who chooses the navy as a livelihood. Eventually proving the trickery of his uncle, he inherits the title and estates of his grandfather.

Old Lord Privilege

Old Lord Privilege, the grandfather of Peter, who unwittingly allows young Lord Privilege to cheat Peter and Mr. Simple.

Young Lord Privilege

Young Lord Privilege, his rascally son and Peter’s uncle, who cheats his nephew out of an inheritance from his grandfather and succeeds in having Peter committed to an insane asylum.

Mr. Simple

Mr. Simple, Peter’s father, who becomes nearly insane when cheated out of his inheritance.

Terence O’Brien

Terence O’Brien, an older midshipman aboard the Diomede who befriends Peter. He is captured with Peter during a raid on the French coast. He locates the woman who had helped dispossess Peter.

Colonel O’Brien

Colonel O’Brien, a French officer, not related to Terence O’Brien, who captures Terence and Peter.

Celeste O’Brien

Celeste O’Brien, his daughter, who frees Peter from the insane asylum and marries him.

Captain Hawkins

Captain Hawkins, the illegitimate son of Lord Privilege, who has Peter court-martialed.

Ellen Simple

Ellen Simple, Peter’s sister, who is rescued from poverty and married by Terence O’Brien.