"Do You Believe In Fairies?"

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Context: Peter Pan, the boy who would not grow up, takes Wendy and her two brothers to Never Land so that Wendy can be mother to the lost boys who live there. One night, as Wendy is telling the boys a bedtime story, she expresses a desire to return home. Peter tells Tinker Bell, a fairy, to lead Wendy and her brothers across the island of Never Land. Before they emerge from the underground house, they hear a fight above: pirates have attacked and defeated the Indians who were guarding the boys' home. The pirates, however, trick the boys into thinking that the Indians have won. When Wendy and the boys emerge, they are all captured, except Peter, who remains below and does not realize what has happened. The pirate leader secretly slips into the house and poisons Peter's medicine. Tinker Bell returns and tells Peter what has happened, then, discovering the poisoned medicine, drinks it to save Peter's life. As a consequence Tink is dying. Peter kneels near her and says:

"Her light is growing faint, and if it goes out, that means she is dead! Her voice is so low I can scarcely tell what she is saying. She says–she says she thinks she could get well again if children believed in fairies! Do you believe in fairies?"

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"Every Time A Child Says "I Don't Believe In Fairies" There Is A Fairy Somewhere That Falls Down Dead"