Peter Pan Overview Quiz

Find questions and answers to J. M. Barrie's beloved children's story with eNotes' Peter Pan Overview Quiz, covering major and minor plot points, plus your favorite characters—Peter, Wendy, Tiger Lily, Hook and more.

  1. Why does Captain Hook seek revenge?

  2. What happens at Marooners' Rock?

  3. Why are the "Lost Boys" lost?

  4. What are Peter Pan and Tinkerbell looking for?

  5. Why does Peter teach Wendy how to fly?

  6. What does Tinkerbell trick the boys into doing?

  7. What do Tiger Lily and her loyalists plan to do if they catch Hook and his crew?

  8. How does Hook plan to kill the boys?

  9. What does Mrs. Darling claim she has repeatedly seen at the window?

  10. Wendy tells Peter that she considers him to be: