Peter King Biography


(Masterpieces of Fiction, Detective and Mystery Edition)

Peter King was born Christopher Peter King in England in 1922. He has enjoyed a number of careers. Trained in aerospace science, he was the leader of the team of engineers who designed and developed the rockets used in the Apollo program, which sent a man to the moon. King’s interest in how things work and in scientific investigation add a special dimension to his novels. King’s second career was that of a professional chef. His firsthand knowledge of gourmet cooking and the food industry gives his novels authenticity and makes them a wonderful source of recipes and cooking tips.

In 1994, with the publication of The Gourmet Detective, King received recognition as a highly talented mystery writer. The novel was chosen by People magazine as the Beach Book of the Week. The favorable reception of his first novel inspired King to continue to write culinary mysteries, and in 2001 he began another mystery series with author Jack London as the principal character. Although King’s major success as a writer has been in the mystery genre, he has written stage plays, radio plays, and short stories. He has also written travel books and several technical books.

King settled in Sarasota, Florida, but he has also lived in France and Brazil and in several cities in the United States, including Chicago and Los Angeles. The settings of his novels reflect his familiarity and fascination with places.