Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Pierre Pasquier de la Marière

Pierre Pasquier de la Marière (pyehr pahs-KYAY deh mahr-YAY), also Peter Ibbetson, a confessed murderer. An English-French child living in France, afterward orphaned by the almost simultaneous deaths of his father and mother, and taken back to England for his schooling, Peter Ibbetson (as his uncle, Colonel Ibbetson, renames him) attains manhood there, joins the army briefly, and is then apprenticed to an architect. Shy, dreamy, speculative, a skeptical and rather unhappy freethinker, he often lives imaginatively in the happy world of his childhood with Mimsy. After a mystic dream, he discovers he may enter his ideal world again and be with Mimsy when he chooses, though retaining his adult identity. Enraged upon learning through Mrs. Gregory (formerly Mrs. Deane) of the colonel’s malice, he kills him in a quarrel and is sentenced to a prison asylum for life. Here he again is able, through wishing, to enter his childhood world from time to time until death takes him.

Colonel Roger Ibbetson

Colonel Roger Ibbetson, his wealthy guardian, cousin of Mrs. Pasquier; a vain gallant and a malicious liar.

Mimsy Seraskier

Mimsy Seraskier (seh-rahs-KYAY), his dearest friend; later the duchess of Towers. In childhood a plain, sickly, melancholy girl, she becomes a tall, beautiful woman. Visited by the same dream that changed Peter’s life, she later reveals the dream when they meet and happily recall their friendship as children.

Mr. Lintot

Mr. Lintot (la[n]-TOH), Peter’s employer, a self-made, entertainingly egotistical, clever man; an industrious worker but a lover of drink after working hours; both amusing and sentimental when drunk.

Mrs. Lintot

Mrs. Lintot, his wife, older than her husband; stern, unlovely (though he thinks her beautiful), but an excellent wife and mother.

Mrs. Deane

Mrs. Deane, a widow (later Mrs. Gregory). Deceived by Colonel Ibbetson, she long afterward reveals the colonel’s villainies to Peter.

Madge Plunket

Madge Plunket, Peter’s cousin, who arranges for the publication of his memoirs.

Madame Seraskier

Madame Seraskier, Mimsy’s mother, the tall, beautiful Irish wife of a Hungarian patriot and man of science; she dies of cholera.

Dr. Seraskier

Dr. Seraskier, Mimsy’s father, a tall, thin, grave, benevolent man who after his wife’s death takes Mimsy to Russia.