Principal Works

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Death of Sentiment [director and screenwriter] (short film) 1962

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Train [director and screenwriter] (short film) 1966

Tree [director and screenwriter] (short film) 1966

H is for House [director and screenwriter] (short film) 1973

Water [director and screenwriter] (short film) 1975

Water Wrackets [director and screenwriter] (short film) 1975

Vertical Features Remake [director and screenwriter] (short film) 1976

A Walk through H [director and screenwriter] (short film) 1976

The Falls [director and screenwriter] (film) 1980

The Draughtsman's Contract [director and screenwriter] (film) 1982

A Zed and Two Noughts [director and screenwriter] (film) 1985

The Belly of an Architect [director and screenwriter] (film) 1987

Drowning by Numbers [director and screenwriter] (film) 1988

Fear of Drowning [director and screenwriter] (film) 1988

The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover [director and screenwriter] (film) 1989

*A TV Dante: The Inferno Cantos I–VIII [director with Tom Phillips and screenwriter] (short films) 1989

**Prospero's Books [director and screenwriter] (film) 1991

Prospero's Creatures (novel) 1992

The Baby of Mâcon [director and screenwriter] (film) 1993

The Falls (prose) 1994

The Pillow Book (film) [director and screenwriter] 1996

100 Allegories to Represent the World (drawings, prose, and photography) 1998

††Christophe Colomb [with Saskia Boddeke] (libretto) 1998

8[frac12] Women [director and screenwriter] (film) 1999

*This series of short films was produced for television by the BBC. Greenaway's screenplays were based on the first eight cantos of Dante Alighieri's Inferno.

**The screenplay was based on William Shakespeare's The Tempest.

†The screenplay was based on the book by Sei Shonagon.

††The libretto was based on the original opera by Darius Milhaud.

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