Principal Works

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The Dilemma of Democratic Socialism: Eduard Bernstein's Challenge to Marx (history) 1952

Voltaire's Politics: The Poet as Realist (history) 1959

The Party of Humanity: Essays in the French Enlightenment (history) 1964

The Age of Enlightenment (history) 1966

The Enlightenment: An Interpretation, Volume I: The Rise of Modern Paganism (history) 1966

The Loss of Mastery: Puritan Historians in Colonial America (history) 1966

Weimar Culture: The Outsider as Insider (history) 1968

The Enlightenment: An Interpretation, Volume II: The Science of Freedom (history) 1969

The Bridge of Criticism: Dialogues among Lucian, Erasmus, and Voltaire—on the Enlightenment on History and Hope, Imagination and Reason, Constraint and Freedom—and on Its Meaning for Our Time (history) 1970

Eighteenth-Century Studies [editor] (history) 1972

Style in History (history) 1974

Art and Act: On Causes in History: Manet, Gropius, Mondrian (history) 1976

Freud, Jews, and Other Germans: Masters and Victims in Modernist Culture (essays) 1978

The Bourgeois Experience: Victoria to Freud, Volume I: Education of the Senses (history) 1984

Freud for Historians (history) 1985

The Bourgeois Experience: Victoria to Freud, Volume II: The Tender Passion (history) 1986

A Godless Jew: Freud, Atheism, and the Making of Psychoanalysis (history) 1987

Freud: A Life for Our Time (biography) 1988

A Freud Reader [editor] (history) 1989

Reading Freud: Explorations and Entertainments (essays) 1990

The Bourgeois Experience: Victoria to Freud, Volume III: The Cultivation of Hatred (history) 1993

The Bourgeois Experience: Victoria to Freud, Volume IV: The Naked Heart (history) 1995

The Bourgeois Experience, Victoria to Freud, Volume V: Pleasure Wars (history) 1997

My German Question: Growing Up in Nazi Berlin (memoirs) 1998

Mozart (biography) 1999

Schnitzler's Century: The Making of Middle-Class Culture, 1815–1914 (history) 2001

Savage Reprisals: Bleak House, Madame Bovary, Buddenbrooks (history) 2002

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