Summarize chapter 3 in Pet Sematary.

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Chapter 3 opens with the Creed family moving in to their new house. Baby Gage has been stung by a bee, and Rachel has to deal with her children. The local handyman, Judson Crandall, comes over to see if they need any help. He takes out the bee stinger from Gage’s neck and then introduces himself. He also talks about his wife who is unable to come outside very often because of her arthritis. Louis thanks him for helping them move in and gives him a set of keys for the house. Ellie wanders off and asks about the path that she sees beyond some bushes, which Crandall says he will tell her all about it someday.

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Chapter 3 of Stephen King’s novel Pet Sematary opens with Judson Crandall observing the Creed family’s arrival at their new home. Baby Gage has just been stung by a bee, and little Ellie fell down. Crandall comes over to see if the family needs any help. He takes the stinger out of the baby’s neck and then introduces himself. He also tells Rachel to take the kids over to his house and meet his wife, because she wants to say hello but cannot leave the house much, because of her arthritis.

Louis then notices that he does not know where the keys are, and Crandall gives him a set. He explains that he has a set because a couple named the Clevelands lived in the house years ago, and Joan Cleveland was his wife’s best friend. Rachel thanks him, and then Ellie wanders over and asks about the path that curves through the bushes and out of sight. Crandall smiles at the question and says, “Tell you all about it sometime missy.”

The chapter ultimately introduces the character of Judson Crandall and prompts the reader to wonder about the new neighborhood, the previous couple who lived in the house, and the mysterious path that Ellie finds.

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