Chapter 13 Summary

The next day, Charles Musgrove arrives at Uppercross to bring the news to his family that Louisa’s condition is unchanged. The doctor says it is a good sign that her condition has not worsened. Charles also relays the news that Mrs. Harville is taking excellent care of Louisa, watching over her day and night. When Charles returns that night to Lyme to watch over his sister, he takes with him the old nursery maid who had raised the Musgrove children.

On her last day at Uppercross, Anne encourages the remaining members of the Musgrove family to travel to Lyme to be with Louisa. She informs them that their presence might help Louisa recover. While there, they might also help relieve Mrs. Harville. They can wait in Lyme...

(The entire section is 533 words.)