Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

by Rick Riordan

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What action does Percy's mother want him to take during their monster encounter?

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When they are trying to fight off the monster, Percy's mother wants him to run for the pine tree at the top of the hill and then to the farmhouse below, where he will be safe. She also tells him to jump to one side when the attacking monster comes close, as it can't change directions easily.

Expert Answers

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When the car crashes, and it is clear they are about to be attacked by the monster who turns out to be the Minotaur, Percy's mother tells him to run for the tall pine tree at the top of a hill as fast he can without looking back. She tells him when he gets over the property line and into the farmhouse below, he will be safe.

When he refuses to leave her behind in the car, Percy's mother tells him that when the monster attacks, Percy should wait until it is almost on top of him, then jump to one side. She says the monster can't change directions very easily once it is charging. They head for the pine tree, but the monster comes up on them before they can get there. At this point, Percy's mother tells them to split up.

As the Minotaur attacks Percy, he takes his mother's advice about how to react, stepping to one side as the monster comes close. The creature then turns and grabs Percy's mother. Her last word to her son before she disappears are "Go!" Instead, he is so angry he turns on the Minotaur, who is going after Grover, and jumps on the monster's neck.

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