Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

by Rick Riordan

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How does Percy's mom return from the Underworld in The Lightning Thief?

Expert Answers

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Percy manages to get his mother released from Hades and the underworld by fighting the god Ares for the helm of darkness. Percy defeats Ares by stabbing his ankle and so he wins the helm. He gives it to Furies to return to Hades. Once Hades has the helm of darkness, he frees Percy's mother. Percy's father Poseidon communicates this welcome news to him.

When he gets to his mother's house, Percy realizes that she can defend herself from Gabe, his abusive step-father and her husband, so he leaves her the Medusa's head and goes back to Camp Half-blood. His mother kills Gabe by turning him into a statue using the Medusa, and then she sells the statue, spending the proceeds to send herself to college and enroll Percy in a private school.

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