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Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

by Rick Riordan

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Chapters 5-7 Summary

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When Percy wakes up, he is unsure of his whereabouts, but he sees that his wounds are being cared for. When he is free to walk about, he learns that he is in a summer camp. Mr. Brunner is there as well. The camp director is Mr. D, who enjoys playing pinochle. They explain to Percy that the Greek gods are real. Mr. D is in fact Dionysus, the god of wine. The mythical monsters are real as well; unless Percy wants to continue facing them, he will have to stay in the camp.

Mr. Brunner reveals that he is actually Chiron, a centaur who trains heroes. He takes Percy to his new home: a bunk in Cabin 11. There he meets Luke, an impressive and confident young man with a scar on his face. Luke welcomes Percy. He explains that Cabin 11’s patron, Hermes, welcomes travelers. Until they learn who Percy’s father is, he will stay in Cabin 11. Percy is led away and introduced to the camp by Annabeth, who is the daughter of Athena, goddess of wisdom and battle. She explains to Percy that he does not look very impressive, but there is talk that Percy may be the “one.”

Percy is still struggling to believe that the Greek myths are real. The gods now live in New York because it is the heart of Western Civilization. Annabeth explains that Percy is a demigod, or “half-blood,” and that until he gets older, he will train here at Camp Half-Blood. Annabeth has been at Camp Half-Blood longer than anyone else has, and she is eager to return to the real world and to prove herself. Unfortunately, she will only be allowed to do this if she is granted a quest.

It seems that Percy has found a new school in which to study. However, he knows that there is always someone in a new school that will bully the new kid. At Camp Half-Blood, that bully is Clarisse, a daughter of Ares. Clarisse drags Percy into the girls’ bathroom. However, when they get there, something strange happens. Percy feels an unexpected “tug” in his stomach. Before he knows what is happening, the toilets empty their contents on Clarisse, who is forced to endure the onslaught of water and sewage. As Percy walks away, Annabeth explains that she wants Percy on her team for the coming game of Capture of the Flag.

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