Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief Chapters 14-16 Summary

Rick Riordan

Chapters 14-16 Summary

Percy has escaped Echidna and Chimera by jumping off the Gateway Arch. When he lands in water, his wounds are healed. He also has a vision in which a woman tells him to go to Santa Monica. However, in the aftermath, it is clear even to mortals that something has happened. One reporter is suggesting that a young man matching the description of Percy Jackson—who ran away from home, ruined his step-father’s car and destroyed a bus—may be involved. Percy has become a fugitive.

Annabeth suggests that they attempt to contact Chiron by creating a rainbow with a water gun and then asking the goddess Iris to relay their message. However, they instead contact Luke. Things are not going well at Camp Half-Blood. In fact, it...

(The entire section is 625 words.)