Percy Bysshe Shelley Quiz

What do you know about Percy Bysshe Shelley, one of the most popular and influential Romantic poets? Find out by taking the quiz from eNotes!

  1. What did Byron try to rescue from Shelley's funeral pyre?

  2. Shelley's final, unfinished poem is titled, "The Triumph of ____________."

  3. What nickname did Shelley's frequent bouts of anger earn him?

  4. True or False: Mary Shelley did not attend her husband's funeral

  5. Why was Shelley denied custody of the children from his first marriage, following her death?

  6. What was the topic a pamphlet Shelley authored that got him expelled from university?

  7. What did Byron believe he saw, and spoke to, on his balcony one night?

  8. Bullied most of his life, how did a teen-aged Shelley once react to a tormentor?

  9. What was one of the unusual ways Shelley released his work?

  10. How did Shelley die?

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