Characters Discussed

Luis de Vargas

Luis de Vargas (lew-EES deh VAHR-gahs), a seminary student, preparing for the priesthood, who is home for a vacation. He corresponds with his uncle, the dean of the seminary, about his own changing attitude toward Pepita, his father’s prospective young bride.

Don Pedro de Vargas

Don Pedro de Vargas (PEH-droh), his understanding father, who is well satisfied to have his son give up the priesthood in order to stay home and marry Pepita.

Pepita Jiménez

Pepita Jiménez (peh-PEE-tah hee-MEHN-ehs), a charming young widow.


Gumersindo (gew-mehr-SEEN-doh), an elderly moneylender, briefly married to Pepita.


Antoñona (ahn-tohn-YOHN-ah), Pepita’s duenna, who does more than her share to further the romance of Luis and Pepita.

The Vicar

The Vicar, who wants Pepita to marry Don Pedro.


Currito (kew-RREE-toh), Luis’ cousin, who takes him to the casino. There, he gambles with the count and eventually fights a duel with him.

Count de Genazahar

Count de Genazahar (deh gehn-ah-sah-AHR), who borrowed money from Gumersindo that he will not repay to the widow. When he makes slighting remarks about Pepita, he and Luis wound each other with sabers.