(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed


Marcelo (mahr-SEH-loh), a young man from Madrid. Bidden by his lonely, eighty-year-old uncle, Celso Ruiz de Bejos, to come and live with him, the sophisticated Marcelo sets out for the heart of the Pyrenees on a visit to his patriarchal relative. At first, the simple pleasures of the village have little appeal for the urbane young man, but as time passes, the kindness and courage of the mountaineers and the grandeur of the surrounding peaks expand and lift his heart and mind. He finally marries Lita and becomes so much a part of the village life that he dreads leaving home even for short trips.

Celso Ruiz de Bejos

Celso Ruiz de Bejos (SEHL-soh rrew-EES deh BEH-hohs), Marcelo’s eighty-year-old uncle, who is the patriarch of his region in the Pyrenees. He urges his nephew to leave Madrid and join him in his mountain home, where he makes him his heir.

Doctor Neluco

Doctor Neluco (neh-LEW-koh), the friend and confidant of Marcelo in the mountain village. He advises the young man to marry Lita.

Sabas Peñas

Sabas Peñas (SAH-bahs PEHN-yahs), the village priest.

Pedro Nolasco

Pedro Nolasco (PEH-droh noh-LAHS-koh) and

Pito Salces

Pito Salces (PEE-toh SAHL-sehs), mountaineers whose courage and kindness inspire Marcelo with a love for the mountain village.


Margarita (mahr-gahr-EE-tah), called Lita (LEE-tah), Pedro Nolasco’s granddaughter, who marries Marcelo.

Mari Pepa

Mari Pepa (MAH-ree PEH-pah), Pedro Nolasco’s daughter.


Chisco (CHEES-koh), Celso Ruiz de Bejos’ faithful servant.


Facia (FAH-see-ah), a mountain woman who seeks Marcelo’s advice concerning her criminal husband, who is blackmailing her.


Tona (TOH-nah), Facia’s daughter.