(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

As children of a peer, Cathy and Monty enjoyed a coddled life. Their father’s suicide leaves them nearly penniless and without direction in a London caught up in the 1960’s with its whirl of drugs, sex, and rock and roll.

Cathy, beautiful and smart, marries well but loses all when she and her husband are divorced. To earn a living and regain custody of her son, she devotes herself to the banking world and becomes successful as a metals trader. Soon she begins her own company and becomes a formidable and wealthy competitor in a cutthroat business.

Monty falls into the rock scene, where drugs and harsh lovers scramble her wits until the awakening of her own powerful singing talent. Secure, and with an audience that includes an adoring husband and child, she achieves a large measure of peace and security.

One day, each sister discovers a rare, lustrous pearl beneath her pillow. Curious, the women seek their unknown admirer, a trail that leads them far abroad and home again.

Reliving their father’s odyssey, they learn shocking revelations and eventually face the most difficult confrontation of their lives. Celia Brayfield, who writes in British women’s magazines on many topics, offers a melodrama that crackles with agony and suspense yet resonates with real feelings and honest fears.