Chapter 6 Summary

Kino and Juana escape the town in the dark. A swift breeze stirs the sand in such a manner that their footprints are erased as they travel. To avoid being seen, they walk along the outskirts of the town instead of through the center of it. Once they leave town, the wind subsides and they realize that, on the next day, their footprints will be evident in the sand. Still, they walk all night and only turn off of the major roadway at daybreak. Kino finds a suitable place for Juana and Coyotito to rest. Then he returns to the main road and uses a piece of brush to sweep away the footprints that indicate their direction of travel.

Kino and Juana prepare for a short rest. Kino thinks he hears unsettling noises. He tells Juana...

(The entire section is 563 words.)