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(Great Characters in Literature)


Trygaeus (tri-JEE-uhs), a wealthy citizen of Athens who desires peace between Athens and Sparta. After losing all faith that a peace will be achieved through diplomacy, he resolves to ask Zeus for help. His first effort to climb Olympus by ladders results in a broken head; he then attempts to make the journey on the back of an enormous dung beetle. After a successful flight, he is accosted at the door of the palace of Zeus by Hermes, who informs Trygaeus that the gods are disgusted by the stupidities of the Greeks and have resolved to leave them ravaged by War and Tumult. Peace has been buried in an enormous pit and has been covered with stones by the effort of War. Trygaeus, witnessing War beginning to grind up the Greek cities as he might a salad in a large mortar, resolves to liberate Peace. To that end, he calls to his aid common men, laborers and farmers from all over Greece, who form the Chorus. After ludicrously inept efforts on their part, Peace, along with Opora and Theoria, is liberated from the pit. Trygaeus, taking Opora with him for his marriage bed and taking Theoria for the Senate, returns to Earth. At the marriage feast of Trygaeus and Opora, various warmongers attempt to upset the peace and quell the joy, but Trygaeus scornfully rejects their offers of bribes. The play concludes with Opora being brought out in her wedding finery while the Chorus sings “Hymen Hymenaeus.”



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