Paul Winterton Biography


(Masterpieces of Fiction, Detective and Mystery Edition)

Andrew Garve was born Paul Winterton in Leicester, England, on February 12, 1908. His father was a journalist and, for a time, a member of Parliament. Winterton was educated in a number of schools, including Purley County School in Surrey, before going to the London School of Economics. In 1928, he received a bachelor of science degree in political science and economics; soon after, he joined the staff of The Economist. After several years, he moved to the News Chronicle, a London daily. For thirteen years he served as reporter, editorial writer, and foreign correspondent, spending the years 1942-1945 in Moscow.

Winterton had first visited Russia following his graduation, spending the winter of 1928-1929 there. He recounted this experience in his first book, A Student in Russia (1931). Later, having been an eyewitness on the Soviet front during World War II, he wrote Report on Russia (1945) and Inquest on an Ally (1948), the latter a discussion of Soviet foreign policy. His book Mending Minds: The Truth About Our Mental Hospitals (1938) dealt with mental hospitals in England.

In 1938, Winterton wrote his first mystery story, Death Beneath Jerusalem, under the pseudonym Roger Bax. Well received, it launched his career as a writer of crime and mystery fiction. He found a ready public for his efforts in this field, and after the late 1940’s he wrote only fiction. He first used the pseudonym Andrew Garve, under which most of his novels have been published, in 1950.