Paul Tillich

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Principal Works

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Die religiose Lage der Gegenwart [The Religious Situation] (philosophy) 1926

The Interpretation of History (philosophy) 1936

The Protestant Era (philosophy) 1948

The Shaking of the Foundations (sermons) 1948

Christianity and the Problem of Existence (philosophy) 1951

Systematic Theology 3 vols. (philosophy) 1951-63

The Courage to Be (lectures) 1952

Love, Power, and Justice (philosophy) 1954

The New Being (sermons) 1955

Dynamics of Faith (philosophy) 1956

Theology of Culture (philosophy) 1959

Ultimate Concern: Tillich in Dialogue (dialogues) 1965

The Future of Religions (philosophy) 1966

Perspectives on 19th and 20th Century Protestant Theology (philosophy) 1967

A History of Christian Thought (philosophy) 1968

My Travel Diary, 1936: Between Two Worlds [with illustrations by Alfonso Ossorio] (diaries) 1970

Paul Tillich 1886-1965 (collected works) 1973

The Essential Tillich: An Anthology of the Writings of Paul Tillich (collected works) 1987

Paul Tillich on Art and Architecture (philosophy) 1987

Paul Tillich, First-Hand: A Memoir of the Harvard Years (memoirs) 1996

Against the Third Reich: Paul Tillich's Wartime Addresses to Nazi Germany (lectures) 1998

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