Other Literary Forms

(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)

Before Paul Rudnick turned his energies to drama, television, and film, he wrote two novels, Social Disease (1986) and I’ll Take It (1989), both of which received good reviews. He has written for various journals, including Spy and Vogue. Using the pseudonym Libby Gelman-Waxner, he has written movie reviews, including the granting of satiric film awards, for Premiere. These columns were published as If You Ask Me (1994). In 1989 he wrote a screenplay of Sister Act, but when Bette Midler turned down the starring role, Disney Studios got new writers and a new star, Whoopi Goldberg. As “Joseph Howard,” Rudnick did receive some screenwriting credit on the film. Although his writing was uncredited, he did substantial rewrites on The Addams Family (1991) and was the screenwriter for the sequel, Addams Family Values (1993). His other screenplays include the film adaptation of Jeffrey (1995), In and Out (1997), and Isn’t She Great (2000) with Bette Midler as author Jacqueline Susann.