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Last Updated on June 19, 2019, by eNotes Editorial. Word Count: 245

Paul Revere’s ride is commonly written about in high school history textbooks and known by the average American to be an iconic moment in history. However, there is little writing on the event itself. Fischer takes on the task of documenting the facts of the event. This non-fiction account is based on primary resources from England and the United States. The story is broken into two parts. First is the story of Paul Revere himself and his infamous travel. The second story is of General Thomas Gage, of the British army. Fischer examines how the decisions made by these two men have shaped American history. Fischer importantly considers how average citizens were integral to the American Revolution. We come to learn that Revere was, in fact, one of many. Messengers were sent from all over the colonies. However, Revere’s name stuck due to Longfellow’s poem years later. Fischer’s writing is unique in the ways it humanizes the historical characters. All too often, historical writing appears impersonal and distant from the reader. However, Fischer delves into the lives of these citizens, making their actions that much more heroic. In addition, he shares with his reader some of the follies and missteps made by these same characters. Paul Revere's Ride is a very concise account of a story that has had nearly nothing but myth written about it. It shares the truest historical account of a time period filled with drama and confusion.

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