Paul Laurence Dunbar Poetry: American Poets Analysis - Essay

Paul Laurence Dunbar Poetry: American Poets Analysis

(Poets and Poetry in America)

The body of poetry produced by Paul Laurence Dunbar illustrates some of the best qualities found in lyrical verse. It is obvious that the poet concentrated on a creation of mood and that he was an innovator who experimented with form, meter, and rhyme. Equally apparent is the fact that Dunbar’s creative style was influenced by the great British poetic innovators of the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries. Dunbar’s commitment to speak to his people through his verse is reflected in his dialect poetry. Writing in all the major lyrical forms—idyll, hymn, sonnet, song, ballad, ode, and elegy—Dunbar established himself as one of the most versatile poets in American literature.

The more than four hundred poems...

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