Paul Johnson

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Principal Works

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The Suez War (history) 1957

Journey into Chaos (non-fiction) 1958

Left of Centre (non-fiction) 1960

Merrie England (non-fiction) 1964

Statesmen and Nations (non-fiction) 1971

The Offshore Islanders: From Roman Occupation to European Entry (history) 1972

The Life and Times of Edward III (history) 1973

Elizabeth I: A Study in Power and Intellect (biography) 1974

A Place in History (history) 1974

Pope John XXIII (biography) 1974

A History of Christianity (history) 1976

Enemies of Society (non-fiction) 1977

Britain's Own Road to Serfdom (non-fiction) 1978

The Civilization of Ancient Egypt (history) 1978

The National Trust Book of British Castles (non-fiction) 1978

Civilizations of the Holy Land (history) 1979

A Tory Philosophy of Law (non-fiction) 1979

British Cathedrals (non-fiction) 1980

Ireland: Land of Troubles [republished as Ireland: A History from the Twelfth Century to the Present Day] (history) 1980

The Moral Basis of Democratic Capitalism [with Irving Kristol and Michael Novak] (non-fiction) 1980

The Recovery of Freedom (non-fiction) 1980

The Things That Are Not Caesar's (non-fiction) 1980

Pope John Paul II and the Catholic Restoration (non-fiction) 1982

A History of the Modern World from 1917 to the 1980s [republished as Modern Times: The World from the Twenties to the Eighties] (history) 1983

A History of the English People (history) 1985

Saving and Spending: The Working-Class Economy in Britain, 1870–1939 (non-fiction) 1985

The Oxford Book of Political Anecdotes [editor] (nonfiction) 1986

A History of the Jews (history) 1988

Intellectuals (non-fiction) 1988

Castles of England, Scotland, and Wales (non-fiction) 1989

Workers Versus Pensioners: Intergenerational Justice in an Ageing World [editor, with Christopher Conrad and David Thomson] (non-fiction) 1990

The Birth of the Modern: World Society, 1815–1830 (history) 1991

The Quotable Paul Johnson: A Topical Compilation of His Wit, Wisdom, and Satire [edited by George J. Marlin, Richard P. Rabatin, and Heather Richardson Higgins] (non-fiction) 1994

Twentieth-Century Britain: Economic, Social, and Cultural Change [editor] (history) 1994

Wake up Britain!: A Latter-Day Pamphlet (non-fiction) 1994

Paul Johnson in New Zealand (non-fiction) 1995

The Quest for God: A Personal Pilgrimage (non-fiction) 1996

To Hell with Picasso and Other Essays (essays) 1996

A History of the American People (history) 1998

Old Age from Antiquity to Post-Modernity [editor and contributor; with Pat Thane] (non-fiction) 1998

The Civilization of Ancient Egypt (history) 1999

The Renaissance: A Short History (history) 2000

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