Other Literary Forms

(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)
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Although Paul Claudel’s reputation rests primarily on his drama, he also wrote a substantial amount of poetry and a wide variety of nonfiction works. One of Claudel’s most important poetic works is his Cinq Grandes Odes (1910; Five Great Odes, 1967), a five-part poem whose content was inspired by Claudel’s reflection on a sarcophagus. Other important works of poetry include Corona Benignitatis Anni Dei (1915; Coronal, 1943), Poèmes de guerre (1922), and Cent Phrases pour éventails (1927; A Hundred Movements for a Fan, 1992). His nonfiction consists of essays, journals, and correspondence with such personages as Jacques Rivière, André Gide, André Suarès, and Darius Milhaud. His twenty-seven-volume uvres complètes was published between 1950 and 1967.