Patrick Branwell Brontë Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)


Gerin, Winifred. “Misery.” In Branwell Brontë, pp. 111-29. London: Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd., 1961.

Focuses on the events immediately following Brontë's failed trip to London when he began writing his “Misery” poems and examining his own desolation and despair.

———. “The Authorship of Wuthering Heights.” In Branwell Brontë, pp. 307-14. London: Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd., 1961.

Refutes all arguments that Branwell authored Wuthering Heights.

Hanson, Lawrence, and E. M. Hanson. The Four Brontës: The Lives and Works of Charlotte, Branwell, Emily, and...

(The entire section is 498 words.)