The Patient

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Dr. Michael Palmer, M.D. has created another suspenseful masterpiece filled with medical wonders, both real and futuristic in The Patient. His heroine, Dr. Jessie Copeland, is a talented neurosurgeon in a prominent Boston hospital. She has also played a major role in the development of ARTIE—Assisted Robotic Tissue Incision and Extraction—a small robot which will enable surgeons in the near future to remove heretofore inoperable brain tumors from patients without damaging the surrounding brain tissue. For greedy reasons, Jessie’s superior, Dr. Carl Gilbride decides to prematurely, but successfully, use ARTIE on a high profile patient bringing a great deal of publicity to himself and the hospital.

The publicity attracts the attention of Claude Malloche, a ruthless, mercenary killer responsible for over five hundred deaths. Malloche has already been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and has turned to and killed neurosurgeons all over the world in an attempt to get help. One man, Alex Bishop, a renegade CIA agent, has tracked Malloche’s deadly trail to Boston. Malloche and his terrorist band disguise themselves and use a decoy patient with a similar tumor to test the skills of Gilbride and ARTIE. Gilbride mishandles ARTIE and the decoy patient dies. Malloche decides that Jessie will be his surgeon and he holds hostage the staff and patients on Surgical Floor Seven to ensure that his operation will be successful, which it is.

In order to create a diversion for his escape from the hospital Malloche’s followers have placed bombs filled with a deadly gas in key places throughout Boston. Bishop must try to save Boston by finding and disarming these bombs as well as rescue those on Surgical Seven in this riveting medical tale that is filled with unpredictable twists and turns.