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I have to admit I'm not feeling my best. Not that I'm doing so bad. Not that I really have anything to complain about. Not that I would actually verbally complain if I did have something to complain about.

What am I supposed to say to that? It puts me in a bad spot. She thinks I'm a goody-goody and that her speaking English makes me uncomfortable. And she's right. It does. Because we've got it good.

The narrator is reflecting on his current situation living with Janet in their cave. The story starts off with the narrator trying to maintain a positive outlook. A sense of anxiety can be read from the narrator as he tries to justify his positivity. The narrator explains that no one has poked their heads into their cave for a few days, and his cohabitant is speaking more English, much to his annoyance. He goes on to explain how their situation is better than others, as most don't get a goat everyday to eat. It would seem that there are others who also live in similar caves receiving different items in the Big Slot and Little Slot. There is not much explanation on who is filling the slots, but the visitors who poke their heads in are viewing those in the caves as a type of amusement.

I mime to her that I dreamed of a herd that covered the plain like the grass of the earth, they were as numerous as grasshoppers and yet the meat of their humps resembled each a tiny mountain, etc., etc.

The narrator is taking out trash for the day. After he is done collecting all the trash from the cave he stands outside and dramatically mimes to Janet. Above is a description of what he is miming. She does not understand what all the miming is about and asks if he is saying that he is leaving. Instead of telling her what he actually meant he agrees and heads out with their two types of trash.

Please accept this extra food as a token of what our esteem is like . . . Please know that each one of you is very special to us, and is never forgotten about and would be kept, if you could be, if that would benefit everyone.

The above is a note that is found in the Little Slot one morning. It is meant as a possible termination (Staff Remixing) letter to those inhabitants of the museum caves as they are combining with another company. During this Staff Remixing, some of the inhabitants will be let go. We gain a sense that these dwellers are in a working position as employees with little control over their situation.

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