The Plot

(Critical Survey of Science Fiction and Fantasy)

Evelyn, an Englishman, flies to New York, where he encounters Leilah, a beautiful black exotic dancer who totters on six-inch heels. When she becomes pregnant, an abortion leaves her sterile.

Evelyn then drives to the southwestern deserts, where he is captured by a squad of women and taken to an underground city ruled by Mother. At the center of the womblike caverns, Evelyn finds the black woman-goddess-ruler, a prodigious figure more than twice his size, wearing a false beard and possessing four nipples. After Evelyn is forced to copulate with her, his semen is collected.

Mother sets Evelyn on her knee and announces that she is “the Castratrix of the Phallocentric Universe.” Her female world is that which Evelyn had long denied, for he had used his sex as an abusive weapon. Mother explains that the male principle exists in time and brings with it mortality. Now she will make Evelyn the New Messiah, the New Eve, to feminize time. He is castrated and surgically transformed into Eve, a beautiful woman such as Evelyn once fantasized. Before she can be impregnated with Evelyn’s semen, however, Eve manages to escape. She is captured by slavewomen, who take her to their gross male master, Zero. Zero brutally rapes Eve. He hates all women, especially lesbians, and has particular hatred for Tristessa, a film actress. Eve responds by hating him.

Zero and his women find Tristessa’s secret hideaway in the desert. It is an enormous...

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