Part 1, Chapter 3 Summary

Irene has no intention of seeing Clare, but on Tuesday morning the phone at Irene’s family home continues to ring. The maid answers the calls several times and tells Clare Irene is not home, just as Irene instructed her. But that does not stop Clare. She waits for a while and then redials the number. Finally Irene gives in. Clare insists that Irene meet with her. Irene must alter her plans and make room in her day for at least a brief visit. So Irene acts against her own wishes and concedes.

When Irene arrives at the address Clare gave her, she is surprised to find another woman sitting in the living room. She is a heavyset, light-skinned woman around Irene and Clare’s age. It takes several minutes for Irene to...

(The entire section is 685 words.)