A Passage to India by E. M. Forster

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Part III, Chapter XXXVII: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why do Fielding and the others have to leave Mau so soon?

2. Why hasn’t Professor Godbole shown Fielding around the high school?

3. In what sense has Fielding’s visit been a failure? In what sense has it been a success?

4. What does Aziz say in his letter to Miss Quested?

5. Why does Fielding want Aziz to talk to Stella or to Ralph?

6. What question does Fielding ask himself when he reflects on the events surrounding the trial?

7. Why does Fielding persist in questioning Aziz about the Krishna festival?

8. What is Aziz’s visionary experience?

9. During their playful quarrel, Fielding makes fun of Aziz. What does he choose to ridicule about Aziz?

10. What is Fielding’s position now on British rule in India? What is Aziz’s position?

1. The State is officially in mourning, now that the Rajah’s death has been announced.

2. The school has been converted into a granary, and Godbole is embarrassed to admit it.

3. In terms of his official mission, the visit is a failure because he has not been able to inspect the school. In personal terms, it is a success because of the...

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