A Passage to India

by E. M. Forster

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Part III, Chapter XXXIIIQuestions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. How much time has passed since Fielding left India?

2. What is Professor Godbole’s title in Mau?

3. What is the expression on the faces of the worshippers when they see the image of Shri Krishna?

4. Why are Godbole’s musicians unperturbed by the Europeanized band?

5. Does Professor Godbole make an effort to remember Mrs. Moore for a particular reason?

6. Who is the ruler of the State of Mau? What is his role in the festival?

7. According to legend, at what time was Shri Krishna born?

8. Who are the two physicians who take care of the Rajah?

9. What games are played after the Rajah has been carried away?

10. What are Professor Godbole’s thoughts after the festival?

1. Two years.

2. He is the minister of education.

3. Their faces wear a beautiful and radiant expression, an impersonal beauty that makes them all resemble each other.

4. They are in a state beyond competition.

5. No. She simply floats into his head, along with other memories.

6. The Hindu Rajah. He must say, “I name this child Shri Krishna,” and put it into the cradle.

7. Krishna was born at midnight.

8. A Hindu physician and Dr. Aziz.

9. Children are carried around and treated like gods. Later, a large jar is hung and hit with sticks until it breaks and rains a sort of rice pudding over the children.

10. He realizes that he has seen Mrs. Moore and the wasp, and around her clinging forms of trouble. In placing himself in the position of God and including her in love, he has done all that he could do.

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