A Passage to India by E. M. Forster

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Part II, Chapters XXVII – XXIX: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Aziz say that he should have become anti-British much sooner?

2. What does Fielding try to explain about Miss Quested? On what grounds does he ask Aziz to spare her from paying excess costs?

3. Why is Fielding offended by Aziz’s suggested letter of apology?

4. Why does Ronny Heaslop continue to inwardly criticize Mrs. Moore after her death?

5. Why is the letter that Fielding helps Miss Quested write a failure?

6. Why does Heaslop break off the engagement?

7. How does Miss Quested feel about her broken engagement? Why didn’t she break it herself?

8. Why does Miss Quested feel that she will be all right in England?

9. Why do both Fielding and Miss Quested feel an odd sense of dissatisfaction even while they are agreeing about various topics?

10. What does the missionary’s remark about a turn and a return mean to Adela Quested?

1. If Aziz had become anti-British sooner, he never would have invited the women to the Marabar Caves and thus never been imprisoned and tried.

2. Fielding points out that she is genuine and brave. She spoke out and said that she was wrong even though surrounded by...

(The entire section is 401 words.)