A Passage to India by E. M. Forster

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Part II, Chapters XXII – XXIII: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Miss Quested long to see Mrs. Moore?

2. What does her response to Fielding’s letter suggest about her inner state?

3. What do Mrs. Moore’s words and actions indicate when Adela arrives at the bungalow?

4. What are Heaslop’s unspoken opinions of his mother?

5. Why does Heaslop ask Miss Quested not to speak of Aziz’s innocence again?

6. What does Mrs. Moore mean by saying, “There are different ways of evil, and I prefer mine to yours”? What is Mrs. Moore’s way of evil?

7. Why does Mrs. Moore believe Aziz is innocent? What do Heaslop and Miss Quested think of her belief?

8. Why does Heaslop suddenly want to send his mother away from India?

9. Why does Lady Mellanby offer to let her share her private cabin?

10. What is the significance of Mrs. Moore’s remark, “there are worse evils than love”?

1. Miss Quested feels that her friendship with Mrs. Moore is deep and real. No one else understands her.

2. Her distracted response to Fielding’s letter indicates that she is not able to face the question of Aziz’s guilt or innocence.

3. Mrs. Moore doesn’t rise to greet her. She seems uninterested in Adela and indifferent to her plea for friendship. Her...

(The entire section is 418 words.)