A Passage to India Part II, Chapters XII – XIV: Questions and Answers

E. M. Forster

Part II, Chapters XII – XIV: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What do visitors usually feel about their experience of the Marabar Caves? Why do they find it difficult to discuss them?

2. What do the walls of the circular chamber look like when a match is lit inside?

3. What version of Miss Quested’s remark in the Club reaches Aziz?

4. In what ways does Aziz rely on his friends’ help to organize the expedition?

5. Why does Aziz suggest the women send their servant back? Why do they agree?

6. Why do Fielding and Godbole miss the train?

7. What is Mrs. Moore’s opinion of marriage?

8. What mistake does Aziz make in overrating hospitality?

9. How does Aziz characterize the three Moghul Emperors he mentions, and why does he prefer Babur to Alamgir?

10. What causes Mrs. Moore to fall into a state of despair?

1. Visitors tend to be unsure whether or not they have had an interesting experience, or whether they have had an experience at all. It is the monotony of the caves, their lack of ornamentation, that makes them difficult to describe.

2. In the light of a match, the walls look like a mirror inlaid with beautiful colors.

3. According to the version that reaches Aziz, the ladies have been waiting for his invitation to the caves and are deeply offended because it has not arrived.

4. Aziz asks Fielding to invite the ladies...

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