A Passage to India by E. M. Forster

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Part I, Chapter VIII: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why didn’t Heaslop pay attention to Aziz’s previous announcement that Miss Quested would not stay in India?

2. Why is Miss Quested ashamed of Heaslop’s behavior at the tea party?

3. Why does the chauffeur take the Marabar Road rather than the Gangavati?

4. Why is Mr. Harris self-conscious when he is together with Indians and Anglo-Indians?

5. In what way is Miss Derek condescending to Heaslop?

6. What is Miss Quested’s reaction to this condescension?

7. What is the Nawab Bahadur’s mental picture of the Maharani? What is his opinion of superstition at this point?

8. Why does Miss Quested feel humiliated after she agrees to marry Heaslop?

9. What makes the Nawab Bahadur a “show Indian”?

10. Why is Heaslop concerned about the approach of the Mohurram festival?

1. It has never occurred to Heaslop that an Indian might convey something important between two English people.

2. She feels he has been gross and spoiled both the conversation and the song, the latter by walking away in the middle of it. She also dimly realizes that she is really irritated with herself and is taking it out on him.


(The entire section is 378 words.)