A Passage to India Part III, Chapter XXXVII: Summary and Analysis

E. M. Forster

Part III, Chapter XXXVII: Summary and Analysis

Fielding and Aziz go for their last ride together in the Mau jungles. The Rajah’s death has been announced. From the official point of view, the visit is a failure. Every day Godbole has promised to show Fielding the high school, but has always made some excuse. Now Aziz tells him that the school has been converted into a granary. The school only exists on paper.

Fielding feels that the visit has been a success in terms of friendship. He and Aziz have resumed their old relationship. They look around at the bright scenery and see a cobra. When they stop to let it pass, Aziz shows Fielding a charming letter he wants to send Miss Quested, expressing his gratitude. Fielding is pleased. Aziz apologizes...

(The entire section is 871 words.)