A Passage to India Part III, Chapter XXXVI: Summary and Analysis

E. M. Forster

Part III, Chapter XXXVI: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
A young woman singer

Stella Moore: Fielding’s wife, Mrs. Moore’s daughter

The palace continues to hum. Although the customary dramatic performance depicting the legend of Krishna will not take place, the festival has still created an atmosphere of love and peace. Since Mau is usually a site of suspicion and selfishness, Aziz finds the change difficult to comprehend.

Around evening, he remembers the ointment he had promised to send to the Guest House and decides to ride over to deliver it. On the way, he sees the procession forming and almost bumps into Professor Godbole. It turns out that Godbole has known for over a year that Fielding married...

(The entire section is 1097 words.)