A Passage to India Part III, Chapter XXXIII: Summary and Analysis

E. M. Forster

Part III, Chapter XXXIII: Summary and Analysis

New Character:
The Rajah of Mau: an old Hindu ruler

When Part III opens, two years have passed since Fielding left India. The setting is now the Hindu state of Mau, where Professor Godbole and Dr. Aziz live. Professor Godbole and his choir are performing at the Hindu festival celebrating Shri Krishna’s birthday. The courtyard at Mau is filled with Hindu worshippers. There is music from many sources. In this setting, a small Europeanized band is almost unnoticeable.

Professor Godbole calls his musicians to a new rhythm. While he and his musicians melt into universal love, the professor remembers an old woman he had met in Chandrapore. When this memory comes to him, he...

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