A Passage to India

by E. M. Forster

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Part II, Chapters XXVII – XXIX: Summary

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Last Updated March 22, 2023.

Fielding and Aziz recline on the rooftop of Mr. Zulfiqar's luxurious residence, contemplating what the future holds. Aziz envisions wealth from his forthcoming compensation and invites Fielding to join him on his travels. Disregarding any expected protests from Fielding, Aziz asserts that he has developed an aversion to the British.

They debate the amount Miss Quested ought to compensate. Fielding firmly advocates for covering expenses alone. Aziz demands an apology and jokingly proposes that Miss Quested confess she desired his presence in the cave. Fielding takes offense for her. Aziz mentions consulting Mrs. Moore, but Fielding informs him of her passing.

The province's lieutenant-governor pays a visit and praises the trial's results, as well as Fielding's conduct. He instructs Fielding to return to the Club. Miss Quested and Fielding pen an apology letter to Aziz. Fielding asserts that Indians desire camaraderie over fairness.

Attempting to persuade Aziz by invoking Mrs. Moore's recollections, Fielding persistently urges him to retract his demand for excessive reimbursement. Abruptly, Aziz consents to seek only the coverage of expenses.

Ronny Heaslop arrives to inform Fielding that Miss Quested will be departing for England. Upon visiting her, Fielding learns that Heaslop has ended their engagement. He inquires whether someone had trailed her into the cave or not, but she admits the truth will remain unknown. Miss Quested mentions that Mrs. Moore was aware, and they discuss her passing. They confirm their friendship and pledge to stay in touch.

About a week later, Adela sets sail for England. During a stop at Port Said, she goes ashore with a missionary who shares that every life should experience a twist and a return. In that moment, Adela realizes she must seek out Mrs. Moore's children, Ralph and Stella, upon her arrival in England.

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